Melbourne - November 4th

Gold Coast - November 9th

Sydney - November 14th

Perth - November 18th

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Adam Roa has performed his spoken word poetry all over the world including the HIVE Global Leaders Program in San Francisco and Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica to name a few. His 1-man show, PERMISSION TO THINK FREELY, implements thought provoking personal development concepts with real world applicability and deep emotional exploration.

Watch audience reactions:

"With over 300 people taking the mic in the last 3 years at our events, Adam was easily the most moving and thought provoking speaker we've had to date. His ability to connect with the audience was undeniable. We even asked him to do a piece over live music at one point and he did it flawlessly. His messages are powerful, leaving a lasting impression so much so that even our guests who were in their 70s said they saw the world differently and with more love after hearing Adam speak."

- Christian Miehls, Founder: The Meeting Of The Minds