"Transformational experiences and self development comes in all different forms.  In my journey, I have had the opportunity to expand my internal understanding in some of the most powerful settings and with incredibly talented teachers and masters.  To date, I can honestly say that nothing has brought me closer to my goal of who I would like to be and what I have wanted for my life than my work with Adam.  He's grounded me, expanded my horizons, increased my bank account, and allowed me to step into the man I wanted to be in order to access the partnership I wanted to build for my future.  He flat out changed my life and I will forever be a brother and grateful recipient of his incredible knowledge and insights."

-Seth Bunting, Founder: Footprints | Founder: The Sights and Sounds

"With over 300 people taking the mic in the last 3 years at our events, Adam was easily the most moving and thought provoking speaker we've had to date.  His ability to connect with the audience was undeniable.  We even asked him to do a piece over live music at one point and he did it flawlessly.  His messages are powerful, leaving a lasting impression so much so that even our guests who were in their 70s said they saw the world differently and with more love after hearing Adam speak."

- Christian Miehls, Founder: The Meeting Of The Minds

"Choosing yourself and the life that you want can be a difficult concept to understand and put into action; through Adam's knowledge and guidance this is a process that was made a reality.  The way I approach and think about my life now has completely changed and shifted, allowing things to happen I never though possible.  I am very excited for the growth and possibilities to come from my continual work with Adam."

- R.F.R., Talent Agency Department Director

"Self-discovery is an interesting journey, benefitting from the guidance of an intuitive, objective observer.  That guidance for me was given by Adam.  His perceptive grasp of human emotions, conflict and reasoning was a conduit to understanding my experiences, encouraging me to untangle the snags of invisible threads holding me down.  The tasks he assigned after each session challenged me to dive deeply into murky memories to retrieve, review and release, liberating long-held patterns and out-dated impressions.  After 12 short weeks, the discoveries made have been thought-provoking, and sometimes surprising, unlocking traits, fears and beliefs with the key of introspection.  I am truly grateful to Adam for guiding me in the right direction to ensure this path of self-discovery remains not only interesting, but extremely rewarding."

- D. Cornell, Entrepreneur

"I can recommend Adam and his skills from a unique perspective:  I have attended literally thousands of developmental workshops and have taught hundreds of them myself over the past 45 years.  I say that Adam has excellent speaking and facilitation skills.  He delivers content with confidence and ease, and he has knowledge and perspective that is fresh and helpful.  If you are drawn to the topics of masculine and feminine empowerment and healing, and you want a new and effective approach, you might want to listen to what he has to share."

-Robert Hensley, Founder: DiamondHelpers.com & FindMyJeweler.com